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This is an AddOn, you need to get the "Basics App" first, or one of the other Apps.

The AppManP AddOn allows you to select a stick to act as quick select for menu navigation and value adjustments. You can assign a three-state switch to act as menu and enter button. Moving from "mid" position to "up" position will act as a short press on the "MENU" button. Moving from "mid" to "down" will act as a short press on the "enter" button.

It also allows to change the menu and voice support messages from English to another language. Currently, this is only partially implemented, for French only.

Just unzip the files that where delivered and copy them to your SDCard. Since it is an AddOn, no further actions are neccesary!

P.S. This works only for the custom Menu's written for the JustFly models and apps. It does NOT work for the native OpenTX screens.

Have fun and

Just Fly!