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This is an AddOn, you need to get the "JustFly App" first!

The JustFly Addon "F3Ktrain" is facilitating your F3K training enormously (JustFly App necessary). It will present you a task list, allowing you to select any official F3K task. After selection of a task, the JustFly App will get launched in the Timer mode, ready to fly your training (or even contest!).

The standard JustFly App remains available as default task, and if you have the JustFlyP AddOn, the statistics, setup and yourgame options will be shown in the menu as well.

The main timer screen consist of a Target countdown timer (BIG), a flight duration timer (small right bottom), and a session countdown timer (small left bottum).

The targets you need to fly are on the left side of the list. The horizontal line tells how many. If there are free slots above the line, you have more flights then targets. Flight times are automatically ordered on the right side, depending on the task (Last flight or Best flight or fixed order).

Have fun and


Just Fly!


When you have flewn every target, but you can still fly and improve, it will tell you which time you need to beat.

If you can't improve, it will tell you to stop flying.


Just unzip the received installation files to your SDCard, and all will be available through the AppManager.


It doesn't get any easier.