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This is an AddOn, you need to get the "JustFly App" model first!

The JustFlyP AddOn (JustFly App necessary) will add some nice extra's.

In the custom Setup screen, you can change the default SF start switch to whatever switch you like. You can set a preparation time, so you can actually sync the timer with the match timer during contests. It facilitates the change of the session time.

In the statistics screen, you can see the number of launches, the average launch height and the best launch height. Launch height is defined as the hightest altitude reached before a descent is detected.

In the YourGame screen, you can set up your specific game. Number of flights, type of scoring, targets, ....
You can construct any F3K task with these settings, and more :).

Just unzip the files that where delivered and copy them to your SDCard. Since it is an AddOn, no further actions are neccesary!

Have fun and

Just Fly!