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The JustFly App is thé timer and altitude logging App.

This basic version will start in the graphical mode, showing a life graph of your altitude.

There are two timers, a session timer and a flight timer. Both will start at the first pull and return of the start switch, defaulted to SF. Next time you shortly pull the start switch and return it to up, the flight timer is stopped, and waiting for your next start.

If you keep the start switch pulled long enough, it is assumed that you want to do a direct restart. The current flight is stopped, and at return of the start switch to the up position, the new flight is started.

A flight can be cancelled by pressing the "ENTER" button. This will prevent a valid score time to be logged, and puts the App in start mode for the next flight.

If in start mode, and pressing "ENTER", you will end the session. A score card is shown.


The score is your time of any valid flights added together and divided by the maximum score you could get. By moving the throttle stick up, you can adapt the best time possible to the best time actually flown in your round, and get your relative score.

So if you flew the best time, your relative score is 1000.

In order to restart, you can either push the "MENU" button, or pull the timer restart trigger. You cannot accidentally erase the session flight data, because you first need to check the results before you can restart the session.

By pressing "Enter", you can cycle to the next results view, which are the flight logs. You can review any flight by selecting it from the list on the right side with your elevator stick.

If you do not want the altitude graph, but the flight timers to be shown during the session, you can use the "ENTER" key before the session start to change views.

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If you used this once, you'll never fly without it again!

So, have fun and

Just Fly!


After unzipping the received installation files to your SDCard, you can install an example model to check out the JustFly App by using the "restore model" feature. Go to the Model Selection Screen (push "MENU" once), go to an empty slot, long press "ENTER", and select "restore model". Then select the model "20-AppMan-yyyy-mm-dd.bin" if you are on OpenTX 2.0, and select the "21-AppMan_yyyy-mm-dd.bin" if you are on OpenTX 2.1. 

Make sure you activate the AppMan model by long press ENTER again, and choose SELECT.

Press EXIT until you are at the home screen again, and long press PAGE to enter the AppManager, and select the "JustFly" App.

More info also in the HowTo's: Using Apps