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This app is actually just a repackaging of the Anysense telemetry screen found on the Anysense website. Unfortunately, it seems that this app is not supporting OpenTX 2.1 out of the box.

Here you can download the upgrade to OpenTX 2.1, that will also run on 2.0, by means of the AppMan, wich comes as part of this delivery.

  • Just install it, and the anysense app will pop up as an extra app in the AppMan menu.

have fun and


Just Fly! 



After unzipping the received installation files to your SDCard, you can install an example model to check out the App by using the "restore model" feature. Go to the Model Selection Screen (push "MENU" once), go to an empty slot, long press "ENTER", and select "restore model". Then select the model "20-AppMan.bin" if you are on OpenTX 2.0, and select the "21-AppMan.bin" if you are on OpenTX 2.1. 

Make sure you activate the AppMan model by long press ENTER again, and choose SELECT.

Press EXIT until you are at the home screen again, and long press PAGE to enter the AppManager, and select the "AnySense" App.

More info also in the HowTo's: Using Apps