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This is a very usefull and handy little App thats saves a lot of time. It allows you to change the order of your mixes and servos by just selecting the mix you want to change. It is part of all standard Models, but here you can get it as a separate App.


Imagine you are in the field and want to try someone elses plane with YOUR setup or another plane with a different setup. This is what your mixers and outputs screens could look like:

But the plane you want to fly, for some reason, has:

  • Ailerons on channel 1,
  • Elevator on channel 2,
  • Throttle on channel 3.

So you now have two options: rewire the plane, or change the mixers assignments. Both a lot of work.

Not with this app. from the home page, long press PAGE, and select the ServoOrder App:

Youll get an overview of the used mixers for outputs 1-9:

select the servo output you want to shift,and shift it:

and that's it!!.

Check in your openTX screens if everything went fine:



We hope you like it. Have fun and

Just Fly!


After unzipping the received installation files to your SDCard, you can install an example model to check out the App by using the "restore model" feature. Go to the Model Selection Screen (push "MENU" once), go to an empty slot, long press "ENTER", and select "restore model". Then select the model "20-AppMan.bin" if you are on OpenTX 2.0, and select the "21-AppMan.bin" if you are on OpenTX 2.1. 

Make sure you activate the AppMan model by long press ENTER again, and choose SELECT.

Press EXIT until you are at the home screen again, and long press PAGE to enter the AppManager, and select this App.

More info also in the HowTo's: Using Apps