Installing an App you bought on JustFly is easy. Just unpack the content of the zipfile you received onto your transmitters SD-Card. If you received a (personal) license, it has been sent in a separate email. Just unpack that one as well.

You should merge with existing folders, if asked. No files will be overwritten when installing for the first time.

After doing so, your SD-Card should look like this, apart from any other existing directories on your SDcard:

If you intend to use the predefined models, copy the "SOUNDS - JUSTFLY" over your "SOUNDS" directory, and be sure to select NO when asked to overwrite. It may be that some of the sound files already exist in a version you instelled previously, and you might not want to overwrite those.

Browsing the SDcard on the transmitter should give the same content. Just scroll to the AppMan.lua:

And execute it by long press ENTER:

And the AppMan will launch:

Installation done, ready for use.

have fun and

Just Fly!