After installation of an App, they are ready for use. When it is the first App you've installed, we strongly advise to use the example model "AppMan" to test the proper installation.

Start at the Home screen. Pressing "EXIT" several times should always bring you there. On OpenTX 2.1, you need a long press "EXIT" to return from the telemetry pages.

Go to the Model Selection Screen (push "MENU" once)

go to an empty slot

long press "ENTER"

and select "restore model".

A popup will apear with all avaiable models

Then select the model "20-AppMan-yyyy-mm-dd.bin" if you are on OpenTX 2.0, and select the "21-AppMan_yyyy-mm-dd.bin" if you are on OpenTX 2.1.

Make sure you activate the AppMan model by scrolling down

long press ENTER again

and choose SELECT and press "ENTER"

The star before AppManindicates it is the active model. Since the AppMan model was preconfigured for using the AppMan, you can now check if the AppMan is properly instaled.

Long Press EXIT until you are at the home screen again.

Now long press "PAGE to start the Ap Manager. The new App will directly show up in the App Manager:


In this example, there are no other Apps than the AppMan itself installed. Any newly installed Apps will show up automatically.

Have fun and

Just Fly!