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The JustFly App is a powerfull timer Application, capable of showing real time flight altitude and timer info. It will also announce the first peak altitude, for Discuss Launch Gliders corresponding to the launch height.

Two different views are available, flight graph and flight timer. In both modes a small table is shown with the flight results within the task window. The task window for the JustFly app is standard set to 60 minutes, so you can Just Fly and Have Fun!

The flight statistics. Nice to know.

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Price 5€

Start it and fly.

The graph start screen:

The timer start screen:

The graph log:

The timer log and scoring screen:

Choose your own parameters.

This is the same screen as avilable for your model setup:


With the JustFly package comes the WinterPostal fun flying menu. Every month during each winter, a task is added. You can download an upgrade, and have this new task automatically added to your AppMan. Thanks to Jaap at 

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