Flightmode dependent camber system setup

The camber system is already preset, to be roughly correct. So elevator and camber settings are already set for launch, release, cruis, speed and thermal mode.

Before adjusting them, we suggest to trim your plane for level flight, by adjusting the elevator servo center trim position, and do the final trims with the normal elevator trim buttons.

Then you are ready to adjust the flight mode dependant camber settings:

Put the trim switch in the middle position, to activate the camber trim system. The elevator and throttle trims do not act as model trims anymore, but as adjustments for the camber and elevator for the flightmode that is active.

So, to adjust the elevator preset for launch mode, pull the launch switch and keep it pulled, to adjust it with the elevator trim buttons. Same goes for throttle trim buttons for adjusting camber settings.

To adjust it for release mode, just release the launch switch, and adjust the camber and elevator offsets with the trim buttons.

Push the elevator stick over a little to deactivate the release mode and enter into cruise, speed or thermal mode, and adjust each of these settings at will.

All settings can also be adjusted in the 'camber' page of the custom menu, by using the plus and minus buttons next to the screen. But again, only for the currently active flightmode.

Return the trim switch to the up position, and the trim buttons will regain their normal function, adjusting the general trims for all flightmodes.

Have fun and

Just Fly!