This repository is entirely free to use.

JustFly Solutions will NOT provide any support regarding the usage of the resources presented here. Support on using the resources is to be given by the Author of the resource, or the person creating the resource here on this repository. Providing a proper manual with your resources is the first step in that direction.

This repository is actively managed by JustFly solutions.

We claim the right to edit and/or remove any of the resources or it's accompanying information present in this repository. We do so with the intent to create a valuable repository. If you do not longer want the resources you posted being part of this repository, you can either delete it yourself, or ask us to delete it for you by contacting us through this website. The latter in case you have not been granted the userrights to delete the resources you created.


You cannot upload without claiming your rights, or safeguarding the rights from others, to the resources you upload. You are obliged to select a license type under which your resources are copyright protected. If the license type is not present to choose from, you may select 'other', but not without providing a reference to the license applicable in your description of the resource.

Also, you cannot upload without a mention of the author of the resource, whether it be you or someone else. If the author is unknown, and the license allows you to, you may enter your own name as author, for future references.

Personal data

Copyright is an important asset. We want to encourage the use of it. But claiming a right cannot be done anounymously. If you want your personal data deleted from this repository, please contact us, and we will do the neccesary.

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Agreement of Use

By uploading a resource, you agree on all of the above conditions. Also, you accept the responsibility to respond to user requests regarding the usage of your resources, to a reasonable extend. Providing proper documentation on the use of the resource can be one of the ways to fulfil that responsibility.