Switch config

  • A widget to remind you what every switch on your radio does in every position.

    It needs a quarter to a full sized widget area.



    - unzip switch2.zip in /WIDGETS/.

    - move /WIDGETS/Switch2/switchcfg.lua to /SCRIPTS/TOOLS, to have the configuration script in the SYS->Tools menu.


    How to use "switchcfg.lua":

    - roller left/right selects switch position or image.

    - roller short press changes between image and switch selection.

    - switch selection can also be done by toggling the matching hardware switch.


    - in image mode:

    - long roller press deletes image from switch position.

    - "PAGE<" jumps to the first, "PAGE>" to last known position in the image list.

    - "TELE" toggles between selection for active and normal images.


    - special feature:

    Above the images for the 6Pos switch, you can display the values of global variables.


    How to add new images:

    Images in the "img" folder are named 1.png, 2.png, 3.png, ..., but only every 3rd is a real image.

    The others are 3x3 pixel placeholders for future icon additions. This way old configurations

    will keep working, when new images are added between already existing ones.

    I found no better work around for the missing "readdir" function in the open-TX lua implementation.

    The folder "img/imgnamed" contains all the currently used, the folder "img/imgnotused" all the unused images. If you need one of those or created a new one, copy it over a numbered placeholder image.


  • Download: Previous versions switch2.zip 113.30 Kb 142
    Filename Version File size Changes
    switch2.zip 0.8
  • Firmware compatibility: 2.3
  • Device Compatibility: Horus X10(S)
  • License: GPL
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