Let's start with the servoOrder.

After having used the 'restore' function in the model selection screen (Taranis type) to create a new model, or the 'copy model' function in the model selection screen (Horus type), we can start checking and adjusting the servo order using the custom GUI. In order to start the AppMan to access the model setup screens, you can long press 'menu' or 'system' to get into the radio setup. Then, press 'page down' until you are on the SDcard browser page. Now scroll down and select the AppMan.lua and long press 'enter' to select 'execute". The screens shown here are from the Horus type radios, and contain exactly the same entries as on the Taranis type radios:

Scroll to the servoOrder menu item.

With long press 'Enter', you call the 'help' screen on this menu item:

Scroll down to see the rest of the content:

Click 'enter' to go to the servoOrder page:

Now, by clicking one time on 'enter', the 'FLapeL', left flaperon output, will start to blink. With 'plus' and 'minus' (Taranis) or 'left and 'right' on the scrollwheel (Horus), you can shift this output around.

When done, click on 'Menu' once, and you get back to the previous page.

Of course you can also switch the cables to get the same result. We thought this was easier.