Ok, once the outputs are set up in the proper order, we can start adjusting the physical imperfections of our install.

Pull the SC switch completely towards you. A fast beeping sound will start to repeat, indicating you entered 'trim' mode. Also, pull the 'Multi' switch 'SH' towards you. It will activate the 'servo neutral' mode. Your perfectly build plane should look like this now:

Pay attention to the notification of TRIM on the transmitter.

When pulling down the throttle, we activate the fullflap deployment WITH INVERSED FLAP TRAVEL (because the 'Multi' switch is still pulled), showing the maximum upper position of the flaperons.

If neccesary, inverse the servo direction in the trim settings.


When returning the 'Multi' switch 'SH' to the upper position, leaving the trhottle stick in the full flaps position, the flap travel inversion is cancelled, and we get the lower flaperon position:

My builds are not that perfect from scratch, and look more like this on initial power up:

Now, use the trim page to change first change the CENTER trim positions, for the flaperons in their CENTER TRAVEL position. Preferably by using the 'ppmCenter' setting:

After setting the 'ppmCenter' right for all servos, you can adjsut the endpoints in a similar way.