Ok, now that the ailerons are set up properly, we can adjust the presets for the different flight modes. 

Make sure all switches are in the up position, and the put the 'SA' switch in the middle position. This will select the 'speed' mode, used for returning from a downwind thermal chase. The plane should look like this (10 X zoom to make it more visible):

As you can see, there is a negative camber (reflex) of 2.4 mm, and an elevator preset of 0.9 mm. These are just example values, and in no way meant to fly with without checking!

Now, in the menu, go to the 'camber' menu item, and long press 'enter' to get into the 'help' screen:


As you can see, there is the 2.5 mm reflex and the elevator preset of 0.89 mm. Adjust them to your liking.

Then, return the 'SA' switch to the upper position, and you will see the neutral setup for the cruise mode:

Whe selecting the 'Thermal' mode, some positive camber will be applied:

Your plane would look like this:

The small differences in the surface deflections are due to rounding errors.

Ok, nearly there. Basic flight modes are set up!