You can easily adjust the camber presets during flight, without using the menus. By putting the trim switch in the middle position, the throttle trim will adjust the camber preset, and the elevator trim, will adjust the elevator preset. Off course, this will act on the currenty selected flightmode only. So don' forget to KEEP the launch switch pulled when adjusting launch presets! A beep will sound to notify the trim switch is not in the inactive position.

Without the trim switch in the middle position, the normal trim settings are active. These are defaulted to follow those of flightmode 0, and changing the trim will affect ALL flightmodes. If neccesary, you can off course change this setting in OpenTX to have a different trim setting per flightmode. This is probalbly only usefull for small aileron and rudder trims for the launch mode. On some planes these need to be trimmed to launch straight.

Have Fun and Just Fly!