If you have already installed the App Manager for your model, nothing needs to be done. The newly installed App will show up in your App Manager after starting your transmitter. You can start the App Manager from the home page by long press PAGE.

All JustFly predefined models have the AppMan pre-installed.

If you want to use the App on your own (existing) models, you need to copy the "/SCRIPTS/AppMan" folder and rename it to "SCRIPTS/'yourmodel'. This can only be done with the PC, either by removing the SDCard or using the USB connection to access the SDCard.

Go to the scripts directory

Select AppMan with the right mouse button to copy. Press right mouse button again to paste a copy.

Rename the "AppMan - copy" folder to "YourModelName", wathever that may be.

That's all.

If you want to create a new model in the field, and have the App manager and all your apps available immediatly, and you don't want to or you can't connect to a PC, you simply name your new model "AppMan". Back home, you connect to the PC, copy the "SCRIPTS/AppMan" folder to "SCRIPTS/yourNewModel" and you change the name of your model to 'yourNewModel' as well, and you are all set to go.

Pay attention: the PAGE button will allow you to change screens after accessing the telemetry screens with long press "PAGE".

Have fun and

Just Fly!