If you have already installed the App Manager for your model, nothing needs to be done. The newly installed App will show up in your App Manager after starting your transmitter. You can start the App Manager from the home page by long press PAGE.

All JustFly predefined models have the AppMan pre-installed.

If you want to use the App on your own (existing) models, check this youtube video, or read below:

You need to go to the telemetry setup screen. starting from home page:

Go to the Setup menu by pressing "MENU" once

long press "PAGE" (or press "PAGE" 12 times)

srcroll up a little by pressing the "PLUS" button (or dwn to go through the entire page) until you find the telemetry screen setup

press "ENTER" to edit the None to SCRIPT

press "Enter" and go to the ---, press "ENTER" again

Make sure you select the AppMan out of this list and press "ENTER" again

That's it. You have installed the AppMan on your model.

Just press "EXIT" until you are on the home screen again

Now a long press "PAGE" will get you to your App Manager:

Pay attention: if you use more than 1 telemetry screen, the PAGE button will allow you to change screens after accessing the telemetry screens with long press "PAGE".

Have fun and

Just Fly!