Ok, let's get into managing our models. First, open up the MODEL SELECTION screen, by pressing MENU short from one of the HOME pages:

By pressing ENTER once, you have selected the model in copying mode. PLUS or MINUS will move a copy of the model to a free slot, pressing ENTER again will confirm the copy. You can cancel with EXIT.

By pressing ENTER twice will select the model in move mode, marked by a doted line around the model name. PLUS or MINUS will move the model to another slot. ENTER will confirm the move, EXIT cancel it.

Long pressing ENTER will open up a modal window, giving one extra option: Backup of the model:

Ok, let's do that. Well, we'll check the SDcard later to see where it has gone. First, go to an empty slot, and press ENTER long again:


Aha, so we can restore it. Let's do that:

Well, we only had one model backupped, so here it is shown to select for restore. After doing that, the model get's added, but is not active (star is still on model01). Since it didn't have a name, it is named according to the slot it is put in.

Ok, now you should be able to make a copy of model 1 by selecting it for copy, and putting it in slot 3:

Notice that it get's active directly. It is also given a number according to the free slot.

Well, that's all there is to it. We just need to check where the backups went. Go the the SDCARD page, and check the MODELS directory:



Why is the title "Importing Models"? Well, because that feature is the one allowing us to do a very powerfull thing: import models from other users (or this site :) ).

Let's have a look on the SDCARD screen (accessed by pressing MENU long from one of the HOME pages, and pressing PAGE once)

Pressing ENTER again to check the content:

Well, there it is, the backup we made, and restored. So the only thing to do to import models, is put them on the SDcard, in the MODELS directory. This is the reason why we provide exported models, pre-zipped into a MODEL directory, so you can just unzip the models directly into the right place, to have them available for import on your Taranis.

So have fun and 

Just Fly