Ok, So you've unpacked your Taranis. You can't wait to charge it first. Nobody can. Well, don't bother, just hit the power button! You'll get the following screens appearing:

Flash Screen

Throttle Warning

OK, that's clear. Just pull down the throttle stick. It is strongly recommended to make a habit of NOT pressing any key to skip this warning. IF a plane has it's receiver on and is bound to the default model on this transmitter, it would start it's engine. You don't want it to be you ruining the plane of your friend when you accidentally switch HIS transmitter on, thinking it is yours.

The transmitter will continue, and show you the first "HOME" screen.


OK, the default MODEL01 is active. Lets press some buttons, starting with PAGE.




Why do we call them Home1, Home2 and Home3? Because, if you press EXIT, PLUS, MINUS or ENTER when in one of these screens, nothing happens. they are the default screens, used during everyday normal flying. Only the MENU button will have some use, as we will see in the next post (apart from some specials, as we'll see later).

In ALL other screens, the EXIT button, when pressed often enough, will return you to the first HOME screen. So, you should know these three screens, and be aware that they are HOME screens, and if lost while navigating around, just press EXIT a few times to get back to the home page.

Press page to get to the 4th page:


Now the fourth screen is somewhat special. It is a HOME screen in the sense that you cannot use it to change any settings. It is used to monitor the output signals sent to the channels on your receiver. By pressing PLUS and MINUS you can scroll up and down to check all 32 channels. By pressing ENTER you can switch to monitor the MIXES outputs. More on that later, just remember there are two different views in the same screen, selected by ENTER.

Now either hit EXIT to return to the HOME1 page, or PAGE to go to the next home screen. OK, this was the last home screen of four, so you'll end up at Home1 as well :).

Now it's time to bind a receiver. Yes, do that directly, with one or two spare servos connected, so you can get a look and feel on the sticks and the controls. You want to see it working, yes!


Have fun and

Just Fly