Power the receiver

So you've connected a spare battery to the receiver, and one ore two servos to see if it is all working. First, just make sure that you connect the battery while pressing the small bind button on the receiver,(X8R) it will start blinking.

When on one of the 3 first home screens, press the MENU button once, short. you'll get the following screen:


Ok, that looks logical. The star indicates that the (only available) model01 is active.

From now on, the PAGE button will activate the next screen in the Model Settings mode. Long pressing the PAGE button will activate the previous screen in the Model Settings mode. It is cyclic again, so pressing 12 times PAGE will have the same effect as pressing PAGE 1 time LONG. The screen/#screens is in the top right of the display.

Remember: pressing EXIT often enough will always bring you back to the HOME screen, so you never need to panic.

Press page once, to get into the ModelSetup screen of this model01 (not the general setup of the radio, that comes later).


If you want, you can press ENTER once, to activate the Model Name field. Just fiddle around, and press EXIT when done. For the moment it is not important, but I know people want to give things names ;). If you get stuck here, just hit EXIT often enough, and start over again. 

Ok, press PLUS or MINUS often enough to get down to the part where the internal RF transmitter settings are. It will take quite some clicks!

Ok, we're there. Final step, hit the ENTER button to have BIND blinking. It will start beeping as well.

If your receiver was still blinking red, it should now start blinking green. Press ENTER again, to fix the bind, and power off your receiver by pulling out the battery.

Now, if you power on the receiver again, you can control the attached servos with your sticks! Press EXIT several times to get to the home screen, and press PAGE 3 times to get into the monitor screen.

See how the bars move when moving the sticks, and how your servos move along.

That's it. Play time!

Have fun and

Just Fly