Well, you probably need to set up your servos, and get them to move in the right direction, before you can actually fly.

And, off course you need to learn how to backup your models, restore them again, and do the other normal tasks on your transmitter. You can read further in the HowTo's, its all there.

If you intend to make a quick but clean start, and since you haven't done anything yet, we suggest to take your time to make a copy of your SDCard, just to be sure, and load the Basics Model from this site. If you're not on openTX yet, upgrade it with one of the included firmwares when running a 'Taranis' type radio using Firmware upgrade to OpenTX 2.1 and up, or use companion (look on RCGroups or the OpenTX website on how to do that). The SDcard content can be found on the openTX website as well. Make sure you download the correct version. your transmitter will work with only the JustFly package installed on a SDcard, but without sound files and other support features.

The Basics model will provide you with a fully operational 8 channel setup, for use with your brand new 8 channel receiver. It is set up for Y-cable on Ailerons, channel 2 AileR, and a y-cable on Flaps, channel 5 Aux. Throttle, elevator and rudder go on channel 1, 3 and 4, just as you are used to if you own a Spektrum transmitter.

Switch SE is standard set on channel 5 for Gear or any other fuction you want there. 

The right side turn knob (S2) can be used on channel 7 for gain adjustment on your flight stabiliser. Channel 8 will be on switch SA, so you can easily change stabiliser mode.

All functions and switches can be reasigned using the custom (non-OpenTX) user interface. (OpenTX will still be available, it is just an additional feature we created).

And, since we reduced all servo limits by default to 80%, you are less likely to burn out a servo.

You'll be up and flying within 30 minutes. We've tested it!


Just check the Basics Model page out, and see if it is something for you. If not, read the next page about servo settings, and go on from there. 

Haven fun and

Just Fly!