The Yourgame page is made to allow you to create your own game.

The settings can be adjusted in the help page. They are explained here:

- save = 1, 1 meaning settings will be saved after 'go and save'. Set to 0 to test settings without saving.

- JF_T = 1, number of targets, 0 meaning as many as you can fly

- JF_TO = 'BEST', Type of scoring: BEST times or LAST times count

- JF_PT = 0, Preparation time, time before countdown

- JF_C = 'F3K', type of timing, F3K being DLG timing for F3K planes. When set to F3K, stats will be available as screen selection

- JF_LW = 30, Landing window, for F3K officially 30s

- JF_WT = 3600, Working Time, anything up to 3600s, being 1 hour

- JF_TS = 0, Target Step, used to increase or decrease next target time

- JF_TYPE = 'MAX', Target type,
MAX meaning any time flewn is scored, target 'used' and flight counted.
MIN meaning only achieved target time flewn is scored. When target not achieved, no score noted, target remains 'unused', but flight is counted

- JF_TT = 3600, Target Time, anything between 1 and 3600s. Is automatically updated to the total of all target times when adjusting the target time or number of targets.

- id = 2, The list order within the menu of this item

- JF_F = 0, The number of flights allowed, 0 meaning as much as you want.

- name = 'YourGame', the name of the game :)