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The JustFly App is a powerfull timer Application, capable of showing real time flight altitude and timer info. It will also announce the first peak altitude, for Discuss Launch Gliders corresponding to the launch height.

The JustFly app will allow you to time your flights.
It was designed for F3K time keeping, but can be used in a more general way.

After loading the main screen, you can change the type of screen by shortly pressing the 'ENTER' button.
You can choose between graphs showing your altitude during and after flights, flight timing results, or session statistics that are relevant to an F3K pilot.
The statistics are not available in the 'JustFly' entry on the main screen. 

To (re)start a flight (and session if not already started) you must pull the switch assigned to activate the 'launch' mode, normally SF or SH, and RELEASE it.

To stop a flight counter, you must pull the launch switch briefly.
The app will go into a waiting state for the next.
The running graph is frozen if displaying the graph screen.
Launch height (first maximum during flight) is added to the list on the right, as well as flight time and sink rate.

When the flight timer screen is active, a time will be entered in the list, next to the remaining target times. In the stats screen, the flight time is added to the list, and the time you landed short of target (S) or late (L), in seconds.

The main display will show slack, time to improve, other useful info, until you are flying again, in which case it shows a big timer, counting down on remaining flight time.

In order to do a Quick Turnaround, just keep the launch switch pulled for more than 0.6s. After that, the running timer will stop and register the time, and restart a new flight on release of the launch switch.

To invalidate a flight, press the enter button during flight. The flight will be registered as invalid, and the app goes into a waiting state for the next launch. 
If pressing enter again when in waiting state, the session is ended, and a score is presented.

In the scoring screen, by using the elevator stick, you can calculate your relative score by setting the max score flewn in your session.

The graph log of each flight can be selected by the PLUS and MINUS buttons.

Flight stats

Number of flights and reference launch height are registered by the JustFLy app.
Any demo flight where there is no receiver powered up and bound to the transmitter, are not taken into account.

All values are 'stored' in an unused servo channel labeled 'height'.
Resetting the servo trim settings for this servo to default will reset the flight statistics. 

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The JustFly 'task' will allow you to simply time your flights, and have a graph logged per flight.

It works as a normal task, but sounds are disable, apart from launch height announcement.
The working time is set to 60 minutes, and the target time as well. Unlimited flights.

So you can just fly and try to improve your best flight within the hour working time.

The graph start screen:

The timer start screen:

The graph log:

The timer log and scoring screen:

The Yourgame page is made to allow you to create your own game.

The settings can be adjusted in the help page. They are explained here:

- save = 1, 1 meaning settings will be saved after 'go and save'. Set to 0 to test settings without saving.

- JF_T = 1, number of targets, 0 meaning as many as you can fly

- JF_TO = 'BEST', Type of scoring: BEST times or LAST times count

- JF_PT = 0, Preparation time, time before countdown

- JF_C = 'F3K', type of timing, F3K being DLG timing for F3K planes. When set to F3K, stats will be available as screen selection

- JF_LW = 30, Landing window, for F3K officially 30s

- JF_WT = 3600, Working Time, anything up to 3600s, being 1 hour

- JF_TS = 0, Target Step, used to increase or decrease next target time

- JF_TYPE = 'MAX', Target type,
MAX meaning any time flewn is scored, target 'used' and flight counted.
MIN meaning only achieved target time flewn is scored. When target not achieved, no score noted, target remains 'unused', but flight is counted

- JF_TT = 3600, Target Time, anything between 1 and 3600s. Is automatically updated to the total of all target times when adjusting the target time or number of targets.

- id = 2, The list order within the menu of this item

- JF_F = 0, The number of flights allowed, 0 meaning as much as you want.

- name = 'YourGame', the name of the game :)

You can set the start time for timer1, normally the total flying session time, or 'WORKING TIME'.

For timer2 you can set the start time, and assign the reset function.

Timer2 is normally used to clock individual flights within a session, or act as a countdown for a predefined time in order to be sure you still have power left in your flight batteries.

The mode for timer2 will determine it's countdown behaviour.
- ON means it will start timing as soon as it is reset. The timer will always be running.
- Tht means it will start after being reset at the first touch of the throttle stick.
- Th% means it will count down at a speed relative to the throttle input.
- Ths means it will count down when the throttle is active.
- !resetSwitch will count down as long as the reset switch is not pulled.

Th% is used as a rough estimate for power used. The countdown time should be set to the time it takes to deplete the batteries when flying at full power.

Ths is used as a very conservative estimate for power used. Mostly used when flying with the throttle on a switch. The countdown time should be set to the time it takes to deplete the batteries when flying with the switch activated.

!resetSwitch is used to be able to read out flown time by pulling the reset switch and keeping it pulled. The timer will stop counting, so you can check the time registered. As soon as you release the switch, the reset will be executed, and the timer will start running again.

If you are using the JustFly app, the preparation or countdown time in seconds for this app can be set in this screen. It is stored as a weight on the input 'PREP' 

If you use your own model setup, be aware that the reset switch is assigned to the first special function found that resets timer2.

This is the same screen as available for your model setup: