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OpenTX 2.3.0 and up

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Have Fun and Just Fly! 

It will give the following predefined models those extra menu pages that make them super easy to adapt and adjust to your wishes. See this youtube video for the install instructions, and this demo video to get an idea of its working.

But the template is also very easily adaptable to use for (they will get added in future)

After payment, you will receive the AppMan and the predefined models for the MULTI template in an install package. The license keys for the AppMan and the custom menu pages for the above models are sent in a separate mail. Installation is done by a simple unpacking of the ZIP-files, and copying the content to the SDcard. No Companion software is needed.

The entire package is compatible with all OpenTX versions including and above 2.3, and works on all FrSky/Jumper OpenTX radios. Import of models on the 'Taranis' type radios is done by restoring one of the predefined models. The AppMan needs to be run from the SDcard once, and the menu item 'install models' needs to be chosen to install the models.

Customisable graphs and some other apps are added as bonus content, available as menu item and as separate widgets for the 'Horus' type radios.

In the screenshots below you can see the 'Horus' color version of the menu, next to the 'Taranis' greyscale one. On the website, you will find all apps documented using the color screenshots. The functionality however is exactly the same, apart from a very few situations where the high resolution color display is neccesary (switch layout or foto's indicating menu content for instance). 

Menu numbers are automatically assigned, so there can be differences between the menu numbers on the 'Horus' and the 'Taranis' type radios, depending on the number of available screens.

The Multi model has been designed around an aileron / flaps motorised plane, in combination with rudder and elevator. The following wing configurations are supported:

X-tail and V-tail are both supported.

Throttle Safety is standard set to the SF switch. Throttle can only be enabled when the throttle is set to zero (-100%) and THEN moving the arm switch in the unarm position. 

New users of OpenTX can use it out of the box, without further knowledge of OpenTX itself. All functions are defaulted when the activating switch is in the 'up' position.

If your servo linkage is technically correct, and you connected the servos in the correct order, and verified the servo directions, you are ReadyToFly without further setup.

Put all switches in the 'up' position, bind your receiver, check servo directions, have fun and

Just Fly!

Multi setup, HowTo:

This template provides a very complete model for fixed wings.
The setup of the model is done through this custom GUI.
Default switch position for all functions is switch UP.
If you select a switch for a certain function using this GUI, choosing the MAX value will be equivalent to having a switch fixed in the UP position.
This allows to have the template working on all OpenTX radios, with the limitation that if you have less physical swicthes to your disposition (like on an X-Lite for instance), you have to choose which function will remain in the default choice, and which you want to control using a switch.
For instance, on an XLite, you might want to assign SD to the prio switch for launching, the SA to the flight mode selector (speed, cruise, thermal), SB to the motor, and SC to the multiswitch function. This means that you wont assign a switch to the EXPO function, which will then always be using the default value, still allowing to have that one value altered to your liking.
The GUI always presents the values as they are set on the transmitter on the right side of any line, and the corresponding value in mm at the start of the line, if applicable.
The RATES line shows for example the rates percentage and the mm value. This mm value is calculated by using the geometric deflection you can set for each control surface.
By disableing the rates for any flightmode for any surface, the rates are set to 100%, and the entry field will show the geometric value of for instance the elevator throw in mm. Changing this value will thus NOT change any model behaviour, and is solely used for the conversion from unitless transmitter settings to mm's.
Have Fun and Just Fly!