Widgets supplied by JustFly can be asssigned to any widget zone. They will scale within the display and text limits imposed by the LCD screen and OpenTX. This means that some Apps are less useful in small zones, but they are not excluded to be assigned to them.

The menu type widgets will work usefully in all main screen widget zones, except for the very small 8 zone widget layout.

The graph type widgets will work on any zone, even the top bar ones, thanks to the carefully chosen layout. The actual value of the logged patrameter is always shown in a number format in the middle of the widget zone, making them even useful on the top bars or elongated 8-widget zones.

After selection of a widget, the ENTEREXIT, PLUSMINUS, Smartmode and BackGround settings are shwon for a few seconds in the lower right corner, to remind you of the settings.