The available widgets are listed below with a screenshot in the Widget Setup mode, for the half screen size. The name of the widget is shown in the upper right corner.


The 'root' menu, from which you can access all other (sub)menus and menu-items:


Will give you direct access to the model setup menu. Very handy to put on the last page as a full size widget. All settings one click away:


Direct access to the F3K training tasks. Again, put it as a full widget on a page, and you start your training at an instance. Every task will give you the settings used when long pressing enter or page. You can alter those at will, just for one training session, or save them for continuous use. Within the settings is a link to the NotePad, that will show you the complete FAI rules for that task. You can even use the NotePad to make notes, keep high scores, or whatever you want.


A nice graph of any source, with adjustable time frame. Nice thing is that it scales to any zone, and you can use multiple. On one page, show RSSI, Alt, Cells, V, whatever, all synced at start and reset simultanuously on long enter.


This graph shows a value change over the entire flight, and autoscales the time axis AND the value axis. It will reset on a timer or switch, start a new log, and store up to 8 past flights to review on screen.


Since all (Sub)menus and menu-items can be used as a widget, you can just pick any (sub)menu item and create a widget for it. All you have to do is copy the example and change the name of the menu-item to the one you want. It's just changing one line in a text file.


Our flagship killer app, the JustFly app, is available as a widget as well:

If you fly a different game each time, you might want to start by selecting the settings. No problem, just create a widget based on the help menu item.


Just an example to show that you can really make a widget of every menu-item you can find on the SDcard in the MENUS folder.


A demo app, to see how the button simulators work. Enter will increase the size, long enter decrease the size. Plus and Minus will increase or decrease the number of rays of the star. The star will move with the sticks. Play around.


Annual worldwide F3K competition held during the off-competition winter months, with new tasks entered every month. You fly it at your place, and send the scores to Jaap!.


Get your model modelled, and move the controls as your real size plane! Ideal for setting up your plane on the couch next to your wife, instead of getting into a quarrel over the three meter glider in the livingroom.