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By default only resources for OpenTX 2.0 and the latest OpenTX version are shown for download.

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opentx.png OpenTX 2.2
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OpenTX 2.2 is the latest version of OpenTX available (check, and is constantly updated with further feature improvements.

This version of OpenTX is the first one to officially support the HORUS type radios X10, X10S and X12S radios, as well as the new Taranis type radios X7 and X7S.

opentx.png OpenTX 2.0
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This is a repository for OpenTX 2.0 resources. 
Be aware that OpenTX 2.0 is NOT the latest version of OpenTX available (check, and is not maintained for further feature improvements.

This version of OpenTX is by many considered the most userfriendly version of OpenTX available, but it's usage is also limited to the Taranis and Taranis Plus (X9D, X9D+).

  • It natively supports the setting of receiver battery alerts and RSSI alerts.
  • Sensors are automatically detected if connected to your receiver
    • the values received from the sensors can be displayed in the customisable tememetry screens without further manual processing.

If you consider upgrading to OpenTX 2.1 or higher, make sure you make a working backup of the Companion software (if you are using that), the radio firmware, and the radio eeprom. Any radio or radio eeprom that gets upgraded will upgrade the models contained in it. A reverse process is not possible, other than by using your working backups!

folder.png Other
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ONLY resources that are independant of both the OpenTX version AND radio type should be posted here.

  • Sound files,
  • Images,
  • ..

In all other cases:

  • Yes, you have to post the same file for different radios, for the OpenTX version it is limited to. 
  • Yes, you have to post the same file for different OpenTX versions, for the radio it is limited to.

Sound Packs for OpenTX are an example of this: they are OpenTX version specific. Please post them per radio type, even if the content would be the same. Sorry for that inconvenience.

Since the repository is meant to mainly support the latest OpenTX version, try to create content that is NOT radio specific, so you have to maintain and upload only 1 version, for the latest OpenTX version.