We will support the older models, like the Basics model, for all radios that existed at the time of OpenTX 2.2.4 and below, even for future OpenTX versions.

We do NOT garantuee the working of these models for the newer radio types, so those radios that are only supported as from OpenTX 2.3.x and on.

You can however still find the model templates in the MODELS folder, in the BACKUP subfolder named after the OpenTX main version. For the Taranis type radios, simply copy the relevant model templates to the MODELS directory, and restore the models from the model selection page as you are used to.

For the HORUS type radios, there are two ways to get support for these models:

Create a new model in the radio model setup screens. Select the model, and note the exact model file name in the left corner of your radio screen (model0x.bin or something like that). Find the version of the model you want to use from the backup folder for the correct OpenTX version, and copy it in the MODELS folder to replace the model you previously created, and restart the radio.

OR copy the model file from the backup directory to the MODEL directory, and carefully add a line to the models.txt file in the RADIO folder, and restart the radio.


Sorry for the inconvenience.