The Graphs package comes as a free bonus. 

Graphs can be very useful.

During a flight, taking a quick glance to know whether you ar really going up or not.
Or after a flight, to check how the battery consumption behaved over time.
Or on the couch or at the bar, scrolling back to todays record flight, showing and proving you where really up over 250 meters with your 1.5 meter DLG.

It is now all possible with three different graph types:


First in First out. You want to see a fixed span of time, for instance always the last two minutes, of the telemetry value.
So you can quickly asses whether voltage is dropping fast or not.
Use the FIFO graph type, and set your desired timeframes using the help menu, accessible by long press page in the graph selection menu.


This will show you for instance your altitude during a flight.
It can be synced with the timers for start and stop.
It will store up to 8 flights, and you can scroll through them using the plus and minus buttons.


This app allows yo to select a logfile from a certain date, and select one of the parameters logged for graphical displaying.
You can zoom in and out on the timescale, and scroll time back and forth.
It will autoscale the vertical axes during scrolling and after every zoom action, so you never need to worry about that.
It's all done for you.