Expo is set for all flightmodes.
If an expoSwitch is set (ratesExpo menu), then this value is increased by 25% and 50% by chosing switch-mid and switch-down positions.
Rates is set per flightmode or rateSwitch.
If a rateSwitch is set (ratesExpo menu), then you can alter the value for all switch positions. This value is then active for all flightmodes for those switchpositions.
If rates are set per FM, then the rate can be set for the active flightmode, and for each flightmode a seperate value.
If Rates are switched off, the current flightmode will have 100% rates.
The value in mm can now be edited on the Rates field.
It is only used to calibrate the unitless % values to a meaningful value in mm.
Aileron2Rudder is used to mix in roll input into the rudder.
It is set per flightmode.
Tailtype can be switched from X to V and vice versa.
When switching to a Vtail setup, the throw in mm of the elevator and rudder are used to weight the elevator and rudder inputs in the Vtail setup.
So when the rudder throw is set to 12 mm and the elevator throw to 8 mm, the full rudder input will give 12/(12+8) = 60% Vtail servo deflection. Full elevator will give 40%.
Differential can be set to avoid pitching when applying rudder.
Per flightmode.